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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Youtube Demo Video.

Prelude is the first in a series of piano soundware products under the Piano Mechanics series.

It's an  expressive, authentic and playable grand piano collection. Available as an .SF2 Soundfont, 8 Zampler patches, 9 Reason NN-XT Combinator patches, or 8 Bitwig Instrument Container Presets

Zampler is a freeware VST sample player, so if you don't use Reason or Bitwig, or don't have an .SF2 Soundfont compatible player, then download yourself a free copy at the link below. Despite being freeware, it's a really powerful sample player with synth style editing and a great suite of powerful effects processors.

Here's the demo video with captions showing the three presets used. All the piano is from Prelude, the occasional strings are from my Session Strings soundware pack. 


Please consider subscribing to the Youtube channel for all the latest demos, technical videos, and even some original music now and again. 

Purchase/Download Link. 

Piano Mechanics One: Prelude is available to purchase from my Payhip store. The purchase/download process is fully automated. Use the link below. 

Simply download the single .zip file, unzip then use your instruments browser to load the .SF" file, or Zampler 'load patch' function if you're using Zampler. The .SF2 Soundfont and the Zampler patches are all 'ready to play', no addition editing or sample mapping is required. 

Any questions or issues with the download process, please contact me via

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