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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Computer Music - Seaweed Audio Fathom 2 CM.


The latest edition of Computer Music has an upgraded version of Seaweed Audio and CM's Fathom modular VST synthesizer, Fathom 2 CM.  

Fathom is a modular synthesizer which means it's oscillators, filters, modulators and effects can be patched together in whatever configuration the user would like. 

As well as offering modular routing and patching Fathom 2 CM also features numerous types of each element category. For example, it offers a number of oscillator types including virtual analog, wavetable, wave-drawing, FM, and additive oscillators, nine effects options, 30 different filter types (!) and a myriad of modulation types and flexible routing. So it really is a synth programmers dream!

New features found in Fathom CM2 include a fractal reverb, 16 channel delay, alternative 'skins' and two new soundbanks: Trance Warehouse and Masters of Ambience, worth $60 apparently. 

I have a copy of the original Fathom CM on my hard drive and maybe through this new version I'll revisit the world of Fathom and sort out a review. One thing I do remember is that it was quite heavy on CPU resources and I found many sounds with long release tails caused my computer to struggle a little. But I'll take a closer look at this new version over the next week or two. 

So stay tuned............

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