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We've partnered with our friends at Thomann and Gear4Music to bring you a very special offer. Buy your music technology and instrument products and software from these suppliers and you'll get free STM soundware for your music production projects delivered to your email inbox every month, as well as an exclusive magazine giving you the inside track on the latest developments in music production. On the first of every month. 

Get soundware that works with all computer music software platforms, as well as a range of dedicated hardware instruments. Instrument soundfonts, synth patches, sample libraries, drum samples, loops, and beats. 

Plus exclusive Production Club Special Offers on a range of music technology software and hardware. 



How Does It Work?

It's easy! For every £50 you spend you get one month's Production Club membership up to a maximum of six months per purchase/spend. So spend......

£50+ get 1 month Production Club membership.
£100+ get 2 months Production Club membership.
£150+ get 3 months Production Club membership.
£200+ get 4 months Production Club membership. 
£250+ get 5 months Production Club membership.
£300+ get 6 months Production Club membership.

We'll send you an exclusive introductory soundware package with your purchase, plus every month that you're a member we'll send you exclusive Production Club soundware that'll keep your creative fires burning and introduce you to exciting new products. 

All you have to do is find the product you require at then add our partner I.D. code to the address bar. 


So, for example, if you wanted to purchase a Roland SP404 MKII and receive four great sounding additional introductory sample packs with over a thousand exclusive drum samples and loops, as well as 6 months of Production Club membership, just convert:


then add the item to your basket and order as normal. 

You're still paying the same price and get the great Thomann service, but now you can send us your receipt and we'll send you four free sample packs, Production Club's introductory soundware package, and you'll qualify for 6 months of Production Club membership which will scoop you gigs and gigs of additional free sounds, loops, and beats. 

For Gear4Music purchases, just click the Gear4Music logo above and select your purchases. 

Now that's got to be worth having for adding a few letters and number to an address bar.

....and it's not just for 'tech' type products. Order absolutely anything and qualify. If you're purchasing a guitar amp, but use a computer for your songs and demos, you can still use the partner ID and qualify!

It applies to everything! Microphones, audio interfaces, guitars, mixers, PA gear. You name it. If you use a computer to develop your songs, demos, and soundtracks, or you have any devices that can load .wav samples, then it's worth it!

So always use the partner I.D. code for your purchases from Thomann and every month you'll receive inspirational soundware product to provide you with loads of creative possibilities. We'll top up your membership term for you as you make any additional purchases. 

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