Refurbished Computer Music Systems.

Refurbished Computers for Music Applications. 

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Second-hand/refurbished computer suppliers to stacked with powerful music applications, instruments and sounds. 

Built with the user in mind from singer/songwriters and soundtrackers, to EDM producers and electronic music creators, as well as music students and teachers looking not only cost effective solutions but also environmentally friendly ones as well. 

There is just too much stuff being made at the moment. Too many resources being used up and then thrown away. So if you're looking for a computer music system why not take the 'green' option and get yourself something recycled, save yourself pounds into the bargain, and get one from a musician with years of experience in the world of computer music production. 

All with a warranty, relevant, up to date operating systems, and the necessary accessories such as power supplies. 

And you'll get it stacked full of great music software including music production platforms, or DAWs as they are often referred to as, software instruments such as synthesizers, sample players and drum machines, and all the effects and processing you need. 

Computer music applications can be quite demanding for computer hardware, so it's always good practice to use a machine that's dedicated to your music, and this may also be a limiting factor when it comes to your budget. You may have already bought a swanky, top of the range computer for your business and photo editing applications, but when it comes to music it's best to keep things separate. So a refurbished machine may make sense from the point of view. 

Check out a refurbished Dell Inspiron i5/8gb/256gb SSD running Soundbridge via the video below.  


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Software Options.
Hardware/Refurbishment Process.

Small Is Beautiful.

Everyone's downsizing these days, and it's a great philosophy. Having your entire life in a rucksack gives you the freedom to breathe and move around as you like. I specialise in super-small laptops. 12.5" - 13.5" screen size laptops that you can put into your backpack or portable luggage and go busking with. Yes! people take their entire music studios out onto the streets to entertain the masses!

Installed Software:

I can install a huge range of applications on your computer. I install, configure, and test the software so you can get on with the creation of your music, not dealing with installation and any issues that might arise from it. 
Choose from a range of DAWs alongside a collection of instruments, not forgetting that all-important creative soundware, the exclusive sampled instrument libraries and synthesizer patches that will give your creative journey a powerful start.  

DAW Options. 

I generally install one of two DAW options on your machine. 


is a multi-track sequencer package that's both powerful but also quick and easy to learn and use. It has unlimited VST support which means I can upload a range of instruments and sounds for you to use with it. 

For example, you'll get my Essential Songwriter Suite library of sampled instruments for Zampler which is a really powerful and creative VST sample player/synthesizer. 

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