PRODUCTION CLUB. Amazing Soundware Delivered to Your Email Inbox Every Month.


Join the STM Production Club and get loads of great sounding sample libraries, synth patches, VST instruments, loops and beats delivered to your email inbox every month. 

Every month, we develop a range of great sounding soundware products that will fire your imagination and spark your creativity. You can use our sound products on any computer music platform, and we'll deliver it all direct to you on the first of every month. 

Each monthly shipment will follow a similar product make up. At present, the content of each package includes:

2 major, large scale sample based instrument projects. 

2 drum sample projects. 

2 complete/major beat/loop sample collections. 

1 synthesizer patch collection. 

We've published a page that goes into a little more technical detail and tells you about a couple of great freeware plug-ins that will help you get the most from Production Club. Use the link below.

We may 'tweak' this content format from time to time, or change things slightly to accommodate special projects, etc. 

Our first 'shipment' of soundware products to Production Club members takes place on New Year's Day, January 1st 2022.


You can check out what we'll be delivering on our inaugural Production Club shipment here so you get some idea of what we'll deliver every month. 

Production Club Worldwide.

You can subscribe to Production Club from anywhere in the world. All our products are entirely digital/data, so we look forward to hearing from you wherever you are! All you need is an email and a Paypal account.

Not Just Loops and Beats.

Every month we deliver major 'ready to play', exclusive sample library instruments, drum sample libraries and kits, and synthesizer patches for some of the most popular freeware synths, as well as sampled loops and beats. 

Because we use a selection of high quality freeware instrument platforms as well as established DAWs, everyone can access our products in a read-to-play format, and use no matter what music production platform you're using. 

Not Just Dance/EDM/Hip-Hop/Trance.

Our soundware projects are for a range of artists and genres including songwriters, soundtrack composers, contemporary classical, electronic and industrial for example, not just 'popular' /EDM type genres although we do have some great contemporary pop, urban, and RnB soundware products in the works. 

Reason Studios and Bitwig. 

We now make all our sample instrument projects available as Reason NN-XT/Combinator and Bitwig 'Instrument Container' projects, as well as .SF2 soundfonts and Zampler patches, so users of these production platforms get access to dedicated sounds/patches.  

The World of Synthesizers. 

Synths are where it all starts for most computer music producers and every month we take a close look at one or two and develop a range of sounds for them. There are some amazing freeware synths out there and this is where we focus our attention so everyone can have access to them. Our patches collections are so good that it's like having a completely different instrument. Even from the early days of programmable hardware synths, factory patches have rarely done instruments justice, and so it is today. In our most 'umble opinion, of course. 

Computer Music Magazine.   

You'll also receive our computer music newsletter which gives you the 'inside track' on the latest music production developments, freeware products, and all our soundware projects. 

Get Production Club membership at great prices. 

Production Club Membership Prices.

You can sign up for a recurring single monthly for £7.99 per month using Paypal below. Cancel anytime. You can start your subscription by using the Paypal monthly subscription plan. Just click the link below.


So you can simply sign up for a single month, without committing to a lengthy subscription. Check us out for a month, we know you won't be disappointed!

Alternatively, you can save by purchasing 3 or 6 month subscriptions. 3 months for £6.99 per month (£20.97):


or six months membership will cost you £5.99 per month (£35.94):

Production Club with Gear4Music and Thomann.

You can also qualify for membership through Thomann or Gear4Music. Purchase your musical instrument products from Thomann using our special address code and you can receive Production Club membership that way. You can find more information on our partnership with Thomann at the link below.

You still get great Thomann and Gear4Music prices and service but you now get tons of free new soundware for your songs, demos and tracks. All you have to do is add our special code to your browser address. So what have you got to lose!

Production Club is a really exciting development for STM and we're really looking forward to welcoming you aboard. 

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