Live Duo/Trio Project. Vocalist(s) Wanted.

I'm looking for two capable, charismatic and fun vocalist(s) to form a live music trio. 2 females, or one female/one male. 

Electronic/power pop/rock/70s/80s/90s. Prince, Bjork, Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Frankie, Eurythmics, plus some 70s/80s updates - Zeppelin, Floyd, etc. 

Plus anything you may want to add and do. Add to setlist every month. 

Using a combination of live and programmed keys we'll develop a set list of classic and contemporary songs, but rather than simple karaoke backing tracks, these will be powerful and highly danceable and extended studio 'creations' that will keep the party going and clients coming back for more. 

Here are some examples:

(most of the tracks have an instrumental vocal/top line so you can follow where the vocal is and to stop copying. Obviously, that will be taken out. Don't let that confuse) 

So extended versions, medleys and mashups are all on the agenda.  

Extended intros to build anticipation, 'drops' for 'release', and extended clap-along sections for audience participation.   

Maybe one or two slower songs:

Maybe something a little more soulful:

Setlist, name and business development all to be decided upon democratically. 

Based in London/South East England. 


Why not contact me on 07802 640373 or for a friendly, informal chat about the project.

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