GHOST MACHINES: Vintage Drum Machine Samples, Re-Samples, and Kits


If it's vintage drum machine sounds you're after, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find digital and analog drum machine samples from a range of instruments from the distant and recent past. 

Organised by machine, each vintage drum machine sample library features samples and some kits for various free drum platforms. The latest collections have kits for Soundbridge's Ritmix free drum machine VST instrument. 

But these drum machine sample collections also feature big, fat, processed re-samples. Sounds that have been squashed, EQ'd, re-shaped, bit-crushed, and re-pitched to sound even bigger, fatter, and more polished than than the originals!

So check them out. At least one new collection is added every month so follow me at my Facebook Page for the latest updates.  

Free Alesis HR16B Samples, Resamples, and Kits. 

Partner collection to the HR16 library, with 30 beefed up and polished resamples. Updated, fat, punchy kick drums, tight, powerful snares, and crisp, pure hi-hats and cymbals from this popular hi-resolution eighties classic. Check them out.........

Alesis HR16B Free Samples Download Link:

Alesis HR16 Samples, Resamples, and Kits. 

Samples from Alesis' budget classic which arrived on the market in 1988. I saw one review describe the samples as 'cheesy' but I beg to differ, especially with the 30 beefed up and polished resamples included in this package. Also included is the Eighties Ambient Kit for Soundbridge's Ritmix drum machine instrument. 

Alesis HR16 Sounds Download Link:

Roland R8 / R8MKII Samples/Resamples/Kits. 

All the samples from Roland's R8 and R8MKII digital drum machines. 209 original samples, plus 50 newly developed big sounding resamples. Also included in the package are 4 kits for Soundbridge's Ritmix, and 4 Soundfont (.SF2) kits for use with any .SF2 compatible device such as Bitwig's Sampler or Reason's NN-XT

Roland R8MKII Sounds Download Link:

Yamaha RX-5 Samples/Resamples/Kits.

The ultimate incarnation of the Yamaha RX drum machine series, the RX-5 was a big hit when it was launched in the mid/late eighties. Used by New Order, Cocteau Twins, Madonna had one, and one even served as the Sisters of Mercy's Dr Avalanche
It's sounds are iconic and can be heard on many tracks from it's era. 
Here you'll find the original 24 samples plus a collection of resamples and some Ritmix kits including my now legendary RX5 Eighties Goth Kit 

Yamaha RX-5 Sounds Download Link:

Korg S3 Samples/Resamples/Kits

Korg S3 vintage drum machine samples with some beefed up resamples and kits for Redrum (Reason). Didn't quite manage the 'classic' status of the M1 keyboard but was still a powerful machine with touch sensitive pads, and multiple outputs. Some good digital sampled/acoustic drum sounds. 

Korg S3 Vintage Drum Sounds Download Link. 

Akai XR10 Sample Library with Resamples and Redrum/Sitala Kits. 

Another one from my DenmarkStreet sales days of the late eighties early nineties, this dinky little machine had some punchy sounds for those who's pockets couldn't quite stretch to the mighty MPC60. 
Beefed up resamples and some kits for both Redrum (Reason) and Sitala free drum machine/instrument. 

Akai XR10 Sounds Download Link. 

Kawai R50 and R50e Samples/Resampes and Kits. 

More favourites from my 'West-End' sales days. I really loved some of the Kawai equipment from this era. We sold extra chips for the Kawai R-100, the Q-80 sequencer was a great alternative to the MC-300/500, and there were some classics among the K Series synths, especially for clients that were looking for something a little but 'alternative'. Wish they still made synths and stuff.
Anyway......the R-50 and R-50e had some great sounds and here you'll find them all plus some resamples and kits. Kits here are for Reason's Redrum drum machine instrument

Kawai R50e and Kawai R50 free vintage drum machine samples. Download Links:


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