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Reason is my DAW of choice when recording my own music, so it's only natural that when I develop soundware packs there should be some developed specially for the Reason platform. 

Reason's Combinator feature allows soundware developers and users to put together instruments that are more like virtual instruments than simple sample libraries or sampler patches. By allowing developers to combine instruments and effects and then assign 'macro controls' to any parameter within the group you can create instruments that not only have powerful in depth audio processing and synth editing, but also ones that can be easily 'tweaked' with some instantly available 'essential' parameter controls.

As most of my soundware projects are sample based, they tend to use the NN-XT as a basis with some of the standard effects processors combined. This means they can be used with any reasonably recent version of Reason including 'Essentials' and 'Intro' versions.  

The library is constantly evolving with 2/3 new instrument per month, so be sure to check back regularly or better still follow my Facebook Page for all the latest updates. 

Double Bass For Reason

Eight great sounding double bass Combinator samples/patches with a 'twangy' slap at the higher velocities. Great for jazz, pop or maybe even rockabilly style tracks. 

Temple Sitar for Reason. 

Sitars are wonderfully versatile instruments. You find them popping up in all sorts of musical genres. Rock, pop, prog-rock, electronica, and even occasionally in Indian music! The other reat thing about sitars is that they love effects! Reverb, delay, all sorts of modulation type effects such as phasing, flanging, chorus, and even distortion and overdrive. Sitars just lap them up. So here you have a set of 8 sitar NN-XT patches to use in your tracks. 

Download Link:

Demo Track:

A few demo 'vignettes' for Temple Sitar are available at my Soundcloud demo page. Check it out.....

Session Strings for Reason 

Session Strings is a commercial soundware pack featuring 40 NN-XT/Combinator string section patches. The entire collection is currently priced at £5, and the Winter Ensemble is available as a free taster. 

Session Strings for Reason Purchase Link:


Winter Ensemble Download Link:

The free Winter Ensemble string section can be downloaded from the following link. 

Session Strings Demo Track. 

A demo track is available for Session Strings at my Soundcloud channel.

Soft Finger Precision Electric Bass

A wonderfully deep, warm, but yet defined electric bass NN-XT/Combinator patch for Reason. I don't think there are many good freeware electric basses out there so I developed this one from scratch. 
It's great for all genres including rock, pop and jazz and is also ideal for songwriters looking for an authentic sounding electric bass to go into their song demos. 
There are 12 patches in total all using different effects and processors, some using Reason's Softtube Bass Amp for extra authenticity. I think you'll like them.....

Electric Bass for Reason Download Link.

Just download the whole folder and use Reason's browser to navigate to it. Then load up the .cmb files and check them out. 

Demo Track

The Soft Finger P-Bass is featured in the middle section of this demo track from 1.02.

Filter Sweep Guitar.

This acoustic guitar pack fo rReason features eight NN-XT/Combinator patches. It's a collection of spacey acoustic guitar sounds using a sweeping LFO modulated filter with lots of additional effects including reverb, delay, chorus and flange, as well as stereo image enhancement. 

Acoustic Guitar For Reason Download Link.

Just download the entire folder to your hard drive then use Reason's file browser to navigate to the .cmb files. Load them up and check them out.


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