TRAINING POST: Computer Music Training and Consultancy

It's never been easier (or inexpensive) to get into computer music production and recording. There's masses of inexpensive (sometimes free) software and soundware to get you started on your music technology journey. 

However, the range of available software and associated audio hardware and instrument soundware can be a little daunting and the first few steps are the hardest to take and disheartening if you get 'stuck'. Learning the basic concepts and principles can also be quite time consuming.

I train and consult on computer music from the point of view of many different types of musician. Computer music production is not just for 'electronic' or 'electronic dance music (EDM)'. Computers and their associated software packages are for singer/songwriters, soundtrack composers, classical composers, and gigging musicians, and my one-to-one sessions can be geared and tailored for your requirements and goals. 

Many local further education colleges offer formal courses in the subject but these may be quite rigidly structured and not exactly what you require. They may be too wide ranging for you if you're a songwriter wanting to quickly and simply record demo version of your songs.     

I offer consultancy, training and introductory ono-to-one courses on most major music production DAW (digital audio workstations) including Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton and Soundbridge (which is a fully functioning free DAW). Deciding which software package best meets your requirements is important and installing the software and setting p the audio/MIDI hardware is also covered.

If you feel a 'music production course' at a local college is too time consuming, costly and offers lots of what you don't need, I can get you up and running within a couple of 1 hour sessions (sometimes even quicker) and I can also offer enormous soundware and VST instrument resources to make your learning experience more interesting and rewarding.

I have developed some formal, structured introductory courses on the 'entry level' versions of the major music production platforms including:

Cubase LE
Pro Tools First
Presonus Studio One Prime
Ableton Live

as well as a complete course on Soundbridge. 

Click on the images below for more information about training for each platform. 


Steinberg Cubase

Presonus Studio One Pro

Free Bonus Materials and Tools

Of course, none of these products exist in a vacuum, there are tons of additional instruments, effects and processors and soundware products that can be added and most of my courses and consultancy sessions come with a free pack of additional products to help 'kick-start' you 'journey' and spark your creativity.  

Other Courses/Consulting

I also offer additional courses on basic computer music production concepts:

Synthesizer Basics with Tyrell N6
Sampling Basics with TX16Wx.
Computer Music Production Basic Concepts and Principles.

So I can offer formal/structured or semi-formal training or I can work as a consultant whereby you can simply ask me anything you want! 

My 'teaching style' is friendly and engaging and designed to make your learning process both satisfying and fun. 

So why not contact me today and get your computer music journey or career started!

Tel: 07802 640373