Bitwig Sounds and Patches. Sampler Instrument Container Presets.


We love Bitwig here at STM. We particularly love the way that you can 'nest' instruments, effects, and modulators together into what are called Instrument Container Presets.
So you can basically develop what are almost virtual instruments with all the synthesizer editing, modulation routings, and effects generators that you like. 

Bitwig's sampler instrument also loads and plays .SF2 Soundfont files so we can develop Instrument Container Presets from these to produce a library of great sounding sample based instruments and sounds. 

So as soundware developers, we really dig Bitwig!  

So lots of exciting developments to come for the Bitwig platform. We already have developed a number of sample collections/instruments which you'll find below, but there's lots more to come. 

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Temple Sitar.

Add some Eastern spice to your music with this great sounding sitar recreation for Bitwig. 4 Instrument Container Presets feature the best of Bitwig's effects suite (sitars love effects) to form a realistic and expressive instrument that's great for so many different musical genres including rock, pop, and electronica to name but a few. 
Don't forget to wiggle the pitch wheel for authentic Eastern sitar twang!

Download Link.

Use the link below to download your free Temple Sitar presets. Just download the whole folder then use Bitwig's browser to navigate to your selected preset. And play......

Jazz Club Double Bass. 

Great sounding upright bass presets ideal for jazz, swing and rockabilly, as well as soundtracks and ambient pieces. 4 presets fully using Bitwig's powerful effects and a convincing 'twangy slap' at higher velocities. 

Download Link:

Use the link below to download the whole Jazz Club Double Bass folder to your hard drive then use Bitwig's browser to download, play, and/or edit your presets.  


Winter Ensemble 

An ecocative and expressive string ensemble collection for Bitwig. Four Instrument Container Presets featuring Bitwig's EQ-5, Stereo, and Reverb effects processors so you can quickly and easily edit your own presets. 

Fast, slow, warm and bright variations are covered from the same set of samples.

Download Link:

More Information/Demo:


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