Sunday, July 3, 2022

FREE REASON SOUNDS: Tallis Pads. Vocal Pad Sounds. Reason NN-XT / Combinator Patches.


Free Vocal Pads for Reason. 

Collection of eight dark, ethereal vocal sounds for Reason NN-XT / Combinator. 

The patches make use of Reason's RV7000 reverb, as well as the M-Class Stereo Image processor to produce a collection of evocative and dreamy ready to play patches. 

This is a free download from a collection of Wavestate samples for Reason and Zampler. The collection includes vocal pads, string sections and arpeggio sounds. 

More information on the complete library soon. 

Get your free Reason sounds using the link below. 

Download Link:

Just download the entire folder to your hard drive then use Reason's browser to navigate to and load and play the .cmb (Combinator) patches. 

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