Wednesday, June 8, 2022

CREATIVE COVER TRACKS: Powerful, Creative Backing Tracks/Cover Versions Now Available To Download Via Payhip.


I'm In Heaven. Backing Track. 

Backing tracks are now available to purchase and download from my Payhip store. 

First up we have an updated version of 'I'm In Heaven', a surprise number one from 2004 featuring Holly James based on Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature'. 

Thick polysynths combine with pounding bass and snare to provide a powerful, danceable version that would be a great addition to any female singer's set. 

I don't really do 'carbon copies', but rather more creative, original versions, so you can use them as the basis for cover versions if you want to add them to your Spotify or other music feeds. 

It is easy and straightforward to release a cover version. It costs a little bit more, but it's pretty easy. There's more info at the Landr website. 

You'll find a demo below. This has a synth lead line you can follow follow for the vocals, the pure backing track version is identical but with the lead line removed, ready for your vocal performance!

I'm in the process of producing new ones, and transferring the back catalogue to the if you're vocalist, or guitarist/singer looking for great sounding, powerful backing tracks to add to your live set or cover versions for your music streaming channels, then check them out. It's a relatively small collection at the moment, but they are some of the best backing tracks around, so why not have a listen. There's demo versions of the tracks, so you might find you didn't realise you wanted to add them to your set. 

I also produce custom backing tracks, so if there's any programming and recording you need then please get in touch.

Thank for looking/listening, why not follow me at my Facebook Page for all the backing track and cover version news.