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Free Alesis HR16B Samples, Resamples, and Kits. 

Alesis' pair of late eighties drum machines may not be the first products people think of when they hear the phrase 'vintage drum machine' but on hearing these sounds again I really think they stand the test of time.

The HR16B was broadly the same machine as the HR16 but with a set of updated samples. Characterised by a heavier, more electronic sound, these samples offer a range of tight, punchy kicks and snares, crisp hi-hats and cymbals and a small but potent selection of percussion sounds. 

This was quite fashionable at the time. Launch a new machine, which was much the same as the old machine, only with an alternative set of sounds. Kawai did something similar with their R-50/R-50e machines, which there are also Ghost Machine collections for via the links below. 

You'll also find a Ghost Machine sample/resample collection for the HR16 via the link below. 

Like all Ghost Machine collections, a set of resamples are included. This is where I take the original samples and beef them up with EQ, compression, envelope shaping, and sometimes even bit-crushing and distortion effects. I think these resamples are stars of this collection and sound really good. Big, fat punchy kick drums, tight snares and a few select others. Check them out, I think you'll really like them. They stand up with some of the best modern digital drum sounds around. I think.

Alesis HR16B Free Sample Library Download Link. 

Just download the entire folder to your hard drive and use your DAW browser or individual instrument 'load' functions to load and play the samples.


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