Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Studio Bass Collection for Reason. Free Finger P-Bass Electric Bass Sounds for Reason. Now Available!


The Finger P-Bass sounds from the Studio Bass Guitar Collection are now available free to download as a collection of Reason NN-XT/Combinator Patches. 

The full collection features four additional sound groups with 16 patches in each group. So there are 80 patches in total. 

The four additional groups are:

Precision Power Pick
Articulate Fretless
Power Funk Slap
Velocity Power Pull.

The collection makes full use of Reason's effects processors, particularly the Softube Bass Amplifier. All the effects processors used are Reason's standard items, so the sounds can be used with Reason Intro and Reason Essentials. 

Check out the demo video/track below. The free Finger P-Bass is featured in the first section and you can download your free copy in the section below. 

Free Bass Sounds for Reason Download Link. 

Just download the entire folder to your hard drive then use Reason's file browser to load the .cmb file patches. 

I develop lots of sounds for Reason, some free, some commercial with at least one major sound pack per month. If you're a Reason user why not get all the updates by like/following me at my Facebook Page

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