Monday, May 9, 2022

Reason Studios: Piano Sounds for Reason. Piano Mechanics One. Prelude. Reason NN-XT / Combinator Patches.


Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Grand Piano Sounds for Reason. 

This collection of great sounding acoustic piano sounds for Reason NN-XT/Combinator are now available through a fully automated download process via Payhip. 

8 great ounding NN-XT/Combinator patches using only the standard Reason effects and processors which means they can be used on almost any version of Reason including Essentials and Intro. 

To give you a flavour, here's a few demo 'vignettes' via my Youtube channel. 

I haven't found anything around in the freeware world that sounds anything like as good, or any of the standard pianos that come with some of the major music production platforms. 

So for a few quid you get a really great sounding set of grand piano sounds suitable for a wide range of musical styles and genres. 

Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Reason NN-XT/Combinator Patches Download Link. 

To purchase and download your patch collection, just click the link below. Download and unzip the entire folder to your hard drive then just use Reason's browser to load your Combinator patches. 

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