Wednesday, May 4, 2022

FREE ZAMPLER SOUNDS: Wavestate Breathing Pad.


Loads of free digital synthesizer sounds this month, alongside a collection of free vintage analog synth samples. 

First up is a library of sounds from Korg's amazing Wavestate synthesizer. 

Over the next three month's I'll have a comprehensive library of free Wavestate sounds, samples, and patches. 

Wavestate is great for all kinds of motion pads alongside innovative and creative wave sequencing and arpeggio patches. It's not quite the same as owning a Wavestate, but still some very powerful and useful sounds.  

This month, I'm focused on 'Motion Vocal Pads'. 

To give you a taster, Breathing Pad is a free patch collection for Zampler, a .SF2 Soundfont, and a collection of Reason NN-XT/Combinator Patches

Zampler is a free VST sample player/synthesizer developed by Synapse Audio. With powerful synthesizer parameters and a great effects section, it's one of the best freeware instruments out there and I develop lots of my sounds for it. Therefore, I would urge you to download a copy.

Free Pad Sounds For Zampler. Download Link:

You can download your free Wavestate sounds using the following link. Just download the entire folder and use Zampler's 'Load Patch' function to load the .fxb patches. The samples and associated .sfz file are included within the folder so the patches shoulkd load instantly. No further sample mapping or synth editing is required. 


Part of 'Wavestate Motion Pads' sample/patch collection, coming why not follow me at my Facebook Page for all the latest updates. Free and commercial soundware, new product news, equipment reviews, and technical articles. If you're into computer music, you'll find heaps of interesting stuff. 


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