Friday, May 6, 2022

FREE SOUNDFONTS: Wavestate Breathing Pad. .SF2 Soundfont.

The latest free Soundfont is taken from a patch written for the Korg Wavestate. 
'Breathing' is a free vocal Soundfont in the form of a synth style 'pad'

This month, I'm working on a library of Soundfonts, Zampler patches, and Reason Combinator Patches from the Wavestate. 

They'll include a collection of Vocal 'Motion Pads, String 'Motion Pads', and Arpeggiator samples, and they'll be available under the title of Best of Wavestate One. It won't be like owning a Wavestate, but for £6 it'll include some pretty useful stuff, and, as usual, there'll be a demo track or two so you can get a flavour of some of the sounds you'll be getting.

If you don't have a Soundfont compatible device or Reason, then why not download Zampler? It's a really powerful VST sample player/synth and is available free from No magazine subscription is necessary. Check it out via the link below. 

Free Wavestate Soundfont Link:

You can get your free vocal synth pad soundfont via the link below. 
Just download the .SF2 file then either drag it to a soundfont compatible instrument or load via a file browser. 

Loads more free sounds are available from my Dedicated Soundfont Page, and why not follow me a my Facebook Page for all the latest free and commercial soundware products including sample libraries, synth patches, soundfonts, loops, and beats, as well as computer music news, technical articles, and reviews.  


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