Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Studio Bass Guitar Collection. Best Sounding Bass Guitars for Zampler.


For Zampler 

The Studio Bass Collection is now available for Zampler. 5 instrument groups with a total of 72 ready-to-play patches for Zampler

The sounds are ready-to-play with their associated samples and .sfz files, so there's no sample mapping or synthesizer editing requires, although, of course, you can use Zampler's powerful synthesizer eidting and effects suite to create your own unique patches and sounds. 

Zampler is a freeware sample player/synth for which I develop many of my sample/patch libraries. 

You can get your free copy of Zampler from the link below, and I strongly recommend you download it. It's really a classic freeware instrument. 

Bass Guitar Sounds for Zampler. 

The collection is in five library group. 

Soft Finger P-Bass - Free. 
Articulate Fretless.
Velocity Slap Bass
Precision Power Pick
Funk Slap Bass

All of the sample/patch groups use Zampler's powerful synthesizer editing and effects suite to full effect, to give you a wide variety of extremely playable, articulate, and realistic bass guitar sounds. 

All of the patch groups have 16 sounds within them except for the Soft Finger P-Bass group which contains 8 ready to play patches. 

This group of sounds is available free of charge to give you a flavour of the library. You can download these using the link below. 

The Soft Fingure P-Bass is featured on the 'Temple Sitar' demo track. It arrives in the section section just after the 1 minute mark. Check it out below. 

The rest of the collection is a very reasonably priced, great sounding bass guitar collection, which features the best bass sounds for Zampler around, in fact some of the best bass guitar sounds around for any instrument. 

In addition to the Zampler collection, The Studio Bass Guitar Collection will also be available as Reason/Combinator bass guitar patches and as a series of .SF2 Soundfonts.  

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