Friday, March 25, 2022

Studio Bass Guitar Collection. Electric Bass Guitar Soundfonts. SF2


I have, for some time found quality electric bass sounds and samples a little difficult to come by, which is why I've developed the Studio Bass Guitar Collection as a series of Soundfonts. 
Soundfonts are still widely used, with Reason's NN-XT, and Bitwig's Sampler instrument both able to load the .SF2 version.'s Zampler sample player synth accepts .SFZ types samples, although I have developed the collection as a series of Zampler patches. 

Various other VST instruments are also able to load and play .SF2 Soundfonts. 

Volume One is now available. . 
Five Soundfonts are available in the collection, Articulate Fretless, Soft Finger P-Bass, Precision Power Pick, Velocity Slap Bass, and Velocity Funk Pull Bass

Soft Finger P-Bass is available as a free bass guitar soundfont, with the remaining four instruments available for the price of a drink. 

Soft Finger P-Bass Electric Bass Guitar features on the track below arriving in the second section just over a minute in. It's a powerful, defined bass guitar sound that will fit into many mixes.  

A full demo for the whole collection is arriving soon.

Free Bass Guitar Soundfont Download Link. 

You can download your free Soft Finger P-Bass best free bass guitar soundfont from the link below.
Simply download the .SF2 file and download it into your soundfont compatible instrument. 

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Thanks for looking/listening!


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