Sunday, March 13, 2022

MUSIC: Tunnel of Love. Piano/Synth/Electronic Version of Bruce Springsteen's Beautiful Eighties Hit.

Hear it via my channel:

Haven't done any music/backing tracks/cover versions lately, been focusing on the soundware and samples, etc. 
So here's a bit of music. 
One of my favourite songs of all time. 
Not that big a Bruce Springsteen fan, but I love this song. 
Fairly simple four chord sequence, but it's magical!
Beautiful lyrics. When Bruce said; 'but this house is haunted, and the ride gets rough', he wasn't kidding!

All the elements of this piece use my soundware, sample libraries, synth patches, etc. 

The piano is from: Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Piano library/patches. 
Bass Guitar: Fingered P-Bass from Studio Bass Collection. 
Synth Bass Arpeggios: ANIMAtronica Vol 1Steinberg ANIMA synth patches. 
Synth Pads: Several from DUNE CM Pads and Soundscapes Free Synth Patches for Synapse Audio DUNE CM. 

Whatever keyboards or programming you require, let me know. Whether you're a singer and need some original backing tracks programmed for gigging, or a studio cover version, session keyboards, or if maybe you're in a cover band based in London/SE England looking for a keyboard player, and think I might fit the bill, then let me know. Costs nothing to talk.  

I try and do at least one free backing track for singers a month, so I'll post this shortly without the piano and synth lead lines so you can use it in your set if you like. 

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