Saturday, March 5, 2022

GHOST MACHINE PAGE: Vintage Digital and Analog Drum Machine Samples, Resamples, and Kits.


Dedicated page for all the Ghost Machine free vintage drum machine sample libraries is now available to view with info and download links for each collection. 

Each library contains a collection of beefed up and/or polished resamples as well as some ready made kits. The latest downloads include kits for Soundbridge's Ritmix drum machine instrument but there are also some for Redrum (Reason) and Decomposer's Sitala.

The library currently features Roland R8/R8MKII, Yamaha RX5, Korg S3, Akai XR10, and Kawai R50/R50e machines. 

I try and post at least one Ghost Machine update per month, so why not Follow/Like my Facebook Page to get the latest updates, and you can visit the dedicated, regularly updated page at the link below. 


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