Friday, February 11, 2022

Korg Kross 2 Sounds. Down In The Park

New Youtube Video. Korg Kross 2. Down In The Park. 

And some street music/busking news.......

I do sometimes get a chance to put some music together and I put together this little piece for  Korg Kross 2 alongside a video of me performing it (or at least playing the synth lead). All in moody blue tint . A version of Gary Numan/Tubeway Army's seminal dystopian synth masterpeice Down in The Park

The piece uses lots of sounds from my Analog Pack 1 collection which includes 64 analog synth sounds for Kross 2 as well as 64 vintage drum sounds and 64 European 'electronic' synth loops.  

You can find more information and the download link for the soundware pack here:

Analog Sounds for Korg Kross 2

And with all this talk of busking, reviewing portable, battery powered keyboards, etc., and the world opening up post-COVID (hopefully), I thought I'd put a set of post punk/electronica classics together and get out on the streets, so there'll be more of these to come. I've got some Bjork and The Associates lined up, and I'll also be documenting my exploits when I do finally 'take to the streets'.

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