Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Smokin' Hammond Organ For BitWig


Great thing about Bitwig is that within it's suite of standard effects processors it has a rotary speaker simulator. 

A hammond organ without a rotary (or Leslie) speaker is like steak without chips, so I thought I'd make the Smokin' Hammond a Bitwig exclusive. Although it is also available as a standard .SF2.

Four Instrument Presets are available, all with EQ, Stereo Width, Reverb, Distortion/Overdrive and Rotary effects/processors nested so there's loads to play with, and the rotary speed is mapped to you mod-wheel, so you can easily control it.

Whilst Bitwig does have it's own 'organ' instrument, I kinda like the sound of this sample based one. It does offer something a bit different. 

Use the download link below to get your free presets. 

Download Link. 

Just download the whole folder and use Bitwig's browser to load your presets. 

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