Thursday, January 13, 2022

FREE SOUNDWARE: Smokin' Hammond Organ Soundfont.


A great sounding Hammond organ .SF2 soundfont. Now available to download free. 

The samples themselves contain a hint of overdrive but the sound can be further enhanced by the use of effects such as rotary speaker (naturally), reverb, chorus, and maybe a bit more overdrive!

Some DAWs or sound development platforms have their own organ/drawbar facilities, but I thought these samples sounded great so I developed them into a soundfont and some Bitwig programs will follow shortly. 

Smokin' Hammond Soundfont Download Link. 

Here's the download link. Just download the .SF2 file to your hard drive then load it into your soundfont compatible player. Usually via a browser function or by 'dragging' it into your instrument. 


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