Sunday, January 9, 2022

FREE REASON SOUNDWARE: Finger P-Bass. Electric Bass Guitar for Reason/Combinator

I trawled around for a long time to find good quality, warm, but punchy electric bass guitar samples and sounds for a resonable price or even as freeware. 

The Studio Electric Bass Collection features five electric bass libraries and patches from different instruments and playing styles. 

The Soft Finger P-Bass is a free taster of the collection and features 12 Reason NN-XT/Combinator patches which utilise Reason's MClass Compressor and EQ, Chorus/Flanger and Delay, as well as the Soft Tube Bass Amp to produce 12 great sounding deep, defined electric bass sounds ideal for many genres including pop, rock, indie and jazz, for artists, composers and songwriters.  

The demo below from the STM demo page on Soundcloud features the Soft Finger P-Bass in the second section from 1.02. Check it out....

Precision Electric Bass for Reason Download Link.

To get your free sounds, just download the entire folder from the following link and use Reason browser section to load up the .cmp files. There is a samples folder nested within the main folder and Reason will use these when loading the finished patches. 

Hope you enjoy the sounds and find them useful. 

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