Sunday, January 2, 2022

Free Bass Guitar Sounds. Soft P-Bass for Zampler.


Eight free bass guitar patches for Zampler.

Part of The Essential Songwriter Suite for Zampler, these patches are based on a Fender P-Bass sample library plucked with the finger. 

Ranging from clean to heavily processed patches, they are great for anyone looking to add and authentic sounding bass guitar line to their songs and pieces. 

The complete Studio Bass Guitar Collection will be available towards the end of January, but for now, this is a free taster. 

Demo Track.

The second section of this track from 0.49 features the 'Soft P-Bass' Check it out: 

Electric Bass for Zampler. Download Link.

You can get your free sample/patch pack using the link below. Download the whole folder then use Zampler's Load Patch function to select and play your required sound.

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You can check out the rest of the Essential Songwriter Suite for Zampler at it's dedicated, regularly updated page. 


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