Monday, January 3, 2022

Bitwig Sounds Library Page


Free Bitwig Sounds Page Now Available. 

I'm currently producing soundware for Bitwig's DAW platform and I've launched a page for these packs. 

Only a few available at the moment, but at least three more products in the pipeline for January 2022. 

Page will be regularly updated with all the new packs as they appear. 

Bitwig Sounds Library Page:

Bitwig Instrument Container Presets.

Bitwig is a great sound developer's tool. It's Instrument Container Presets feature allows nesting of processor devices alongside instruments. This feature alongside the ability to quickly and easily create macro controls means that these soundware packs re not just simple sample libraries but are more closely related to virtual instruments, giving loads of control and lots of sound tweaking possibilities. So be sure to check them out here

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