Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Zampler Essential Songwriter Suite Updates.


New updates to the Zampler Essential Songwriter Suite are now available. 

Temple Sitar, Moog Bass, and Winter String Ensemble have now been added. 

Add some Eastern spice to your tracks with the Temple Sitar, shake the room with the new Moog Bass collection, and/or channel your inner Vaughan Williams with the evocative, pastoral Winter Ensemble string section. 

Zampler is a really powerful VST sample player with synth type editing and a comprehensive and great sounding suite of effects so it's the perfect platform to develop a library of essential sounds for your music making/songwriting endeavours.

You can download your free copy from the link below. 

Head over to the Essential Songwriter Suite page now for these three latest updates and the rest of the collection.  

And why not follow my Facebook Page for all the latest updates on this and all my other soundware projects including sample libraries, synth patches, loops, and beats. 


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