Thursday, December 16, 2021

VST News: Sample Science Analog Waveforms DS.


Sample Science continue to offer interesting software instruments, some of which can be downloaded free. 

Also with the new Decent Sampler platform they now offer more parameter controls and better looks and interface. 

The latest addition is the Analog Waveforms DS which is an 'analog' synth recreation using four sampled analog waveforms. These are taken from a Dave Smith Mopho synthesizer. 

Each waveform generator has it's own level, pan, tuning and envelope generator with a global filter with resonance. 

Delay, reverb, chorus, and phasing are available as effects and glide/portamento is also provided (I would say a must for any analog synth recreation.)

Each note from each waveform has been individually sampled, so the sampling process is very detailed!

Analog Waveforms DS requires the new Decent Sampler platform to run, but this is a free download as well. You can get your copy from the following link. 

..... and Analog Waveforms DS is available from the Sample Science website:

I shall dive in and take a closer look very soon......

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