Wednesday, December 15, 2021

VST NEWS: Rob Papen Predator 3. Hybrid Virtual 'Analog'/Wavetable Synthesizer.


Alongside the likes of Synapse Audio's DUNE and U-he's Zebra, Rob Papen's Predator series 'analog'/wavetable software synths represent the pinnacle of the type, and it's now into it's third regeneration. 

Predator 3 now packs more parameters into a single screen so it's easier and quicker to navigate, has new arpeggiator features, multi-envelopes, and the 'analog' modeled sound code from the B.I.T. synthesizer, so it's analog waveform recreations sound even more authentic. 

It also comes with 6500 presets. 

More info at the Predator 3 page over at the Rob Papen website:

I'll take a closer look soon......  

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