Thursday, December 2, 2021

Piano Mechanics 'Prelude'. Acoustic Piano Samples, .SF2 Soundfonts and Zampler Patches.


As part of our first (New Year's Day) Production Club soundware collection, I thought it might be interesting to start with the basics and develop a great sounding acoustic grand piano, and I'm really pleased with the results. 

The acoustic pianos that are supplied as standard with most DAWs don't seem to very good and my search for a free or inexpensive soundfont proved fruitless, so here's the first 'Piano Mechanics' acoustic piano product: Prelude

You can also purchase Prelude via my secure/automated e-junkie store listing. The link is towards the bottom of the page.   

Prelude has a deep, rich bass, a realistic and pure mid-range and a really nice 'tinkling' top end. It's expertly sampled and mapped in detail to deliver a versatile piano sound suitable for many musical genres including rock, pop, and classical/soundtrack pieces. 

It's available as a .sf2 soundfont which can be used with Reason's NN-XT sample instrument or Bitwig's Sampler, or as a collection of Zampler patches. Zampler is a free sample player/synth instrument that anyone can download and use. You can get your free copy using the link below. No magazine subscription is required. Many of our sample libraries and instruments are available in ready-to-play Zampler format so anyone can access them, so download your free copy now.  

Prelude will also be available soon as Reason NN-XT/Combinator patches and as a collection of Bitwig Instrument Container Presets both with a suitable suite of effects and processors to further enhance the sound. 

Prelude is the first in a collection of Piano Mechanics acoustic piano soundware products. We will revisit the acoustic piano in coming soundware projects over the next few months. 

Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Grand Piano. Demo Track.


Prelude Grand Piano Soundfont Purchase/Download Link.

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Piano Mechanics: Prelude. 
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