Saturday, December 11, 2021

Grand Piano for Bitwig. Piano Mechanics One: Prelude. Now Available as Bitwig Instrument Container Presets.


Piano Mechanics One: Prelude is now available as a collection of Bitwig Instrument Container Presets. 

Eight ready-to play-presets using Bitwig's Sampler instrument alongside a 'suite' of powerful processing options to complete a powerful collection of great sounding grand pianos suitable for a wide range of musical genres including pop, jazz, soundtrack/ambient, singer/songwriter and EDM/dance music styles. 

I've produced a demo which is now available to hear at my Soundcloud channel. It's a bit melancholic, but it should give you an idea of how the pack sounds!  

The Piano Mechanics range of acoustic piano samples, soundfonts, Zampler patches, Reason Combinator patches and Bitwig Instrument Container Presets are available to purchase through my secure and fully automated e-Junkie/Paypal accounts. 

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