Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Free Soundfont Library Updates.

The latest updates in the free .SF2 soundfont library page are now available to view and download. 

They include the new Temple Sitar, Winter String Section, and Synth Pad One soundfonts. 

Sitars are such versatile instruments. They add some Eastern spice to almost any musical genre including pop, rock, and electronica. Temple Sitar is a great sounding recreation that you can literally 'throw' effects at and it sounds great. Reverb, delay and all forms of modulation, and even distortion and overdrive. 

Synth Pad One is a pad/motion synthesizer soundfont edited in a famous software/VST synth. Great for soundtracks and ambient pieces.....

as is........ the Winter String Section soundfont. An evocative and expressive string section. You can check out the demo below. 

So check 'em out. All free to download and use in your songs and pieces. You'll find the free .SF2 library page at the following link.


The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 

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