Friday, December 31, 2021

Free Bass Guitar Soundfont. Studio Bass Collection. Soft Finger P-Bass.


Soft, clean and warm Fender P-Bass .SF2 Soundfont. Free to download.

.SF2 Soundfont format for use with a range of compatible sample/player instruments including Reason NN-XT and Bitwig Sampler. 

Part of The Electric Bass Studio Collection. Available as .SF2 Soundfonts, Zampler patches, Reason NN-XT/Combinator patches and Bitwig Sampler Instrument Container Presets. End of January 2022.  


Bass Guitar Soundfont Download Link.

Download from the following link. Just download the .SF2 file and drag/load into your chosen soundfont player. No need for separate sample folder as all the samples are 
wrapped into the .SF2 file. 

Part of a collection of free soundfonts. You'll find loads more over at the Soundfont Library Page

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The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software.

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