Wednesday, November 3, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Temple Sitar for Reason NN-XT. Add some Eastern inspiration to your songs!


Temple Sitar for Reason's NN-XT sample/synth instrument is now available to download and play. Eight ready to play NN-XT patches making full use of the synth style editing parameters. 

Great thing about Sitars is that they are great for throwing effects at. Add a load of reverb and/or delay, filter mod, phasing, chorusing, even distortion and overdrive effects sound great with this. And don't forget to wiggle the pitch bend wheel. It's a fun and inspirational sound. 

They've also been used in just about all musical genres including pop, rock, punk, indie and metal, as well as all kinds of EDM and dance music genres. 

Check out a demo track/snippets:

Temple Sitar for Reason NN-XT Download Link. 

Just download the entire folder to your hard drive. The raw sample are included in a nested folder so your NN-XT should find them when you load the patches. Then just use NN-XT 'browser' facility to navigate to the folder and load your chosen patch/sound. These are the .sxt files. 

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