Sunday, November 28, 2021

PRODUCTION CLUB SOUNDWARE: Production Club. E-Drum Mechanics 6. Drum Sample/Resamples/Kits.


The full version of E-Drum Mechanics 6 is now available, featuring over 300 electronic analog, dub, break, and digital drum samples, over 40 big fat powerful resamples, and eight ready-to-play kits for Soundbridge's amazing Ritmix drum machine instrument. 

E-Drum Mechanics 6 is available to purchase and download via our automated e-junkie service or available to Production Club members as part of January's soundware package delivered on New Year's Day 2022. 

Detailed information on Production Club can be found here

Covering all analog and digital electronic drum sounds that don't fit into any 'classic machine' category, the E-Drum Mechanics series of soundware projects are essential for anyone looking for powerful but original drum, percussion, and FX samples. And all editions of E-Drum Mechanics come with powerful resamples, and ready-to-play kits assembled for Soundbridge's Ritmix drum machine instrument. 

E-Drum Mechanics 6 Purchase/Download. 

Purchase E-Drum Mechanics 6 as a digital download via our secure/automated service (via e-junkie) then just download the file, unzip, and then load the individual samples into your device or load the kits via Ritmix's 'Load Kit' function.

E-Drum Mechanics 6 
only £5


Demo Tracks and Video Available Shortly.   

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