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PRODUCTION CLUB SOUNDWARE. First Drop of STM Production Club Members Happens On January 1st. Plus More FREE soundware.

Production Club Inaugural Soundware Drop. New Year's Day. January 1st. 2022

STM is growing fast, and the big news this month is the launch of Production Club. Get your hands on great sounding, professional soundware products delivered direct to your email inbox every month as well as our monthly computer music newsletter. 

You can earn Production Club membership by buying your musical instrument products at Thomann using our special web code, you can buy membership from just £5.99 a month, or you can buy the individual soundware products through our e-junkie channel.  

And not just loops and beats! We've got ready-to-use samples instruments that can be played via any platform, new patches for the latest free software synths, drum samples and ready-to-play kits, and yes, loops and beats as well.

We've also got special introductory soundware packs for specific products so you can enjoy your new product purchase with a ton of free additional sounds. 

You can find out more about Production club via the link below. 

So here's a run down of what's coming in the first 'drop' giving you some idea of what we'll be getting up to every month. 

Soundware for Software Users. 

We've got two major instrument sample based soundware products this month. The first is Session Strings. Great for those wintery soundscapes this edgy, slightly melancholic collection of string ensembles are expertly sampled in detail and carefully looped to deliver authentic, usable string ensembles great for pop, rock, edm, or contemporary classical genres. 

The package comes in four versions. A .sf2 soundfonts for use in any soundfont compatible player/instrument. There are also 'ready to play' patches for the amazing Zampler free VST plugin, for Reason Studios NN-XT sampling instrument, and for Bitwig's Sample instrument. 

One of the patch collections, Winter Strings (8 sounds) is available free for anyone to download from the following page. 

As this is also our inaugural monthly soundware package, we thought we'd get really 'essential' and develop the Ultimate Soundfont Piano. We don't think there's a great acoustic/grand piano soundfont out there at the  moment so we've developed our own. Again, sampled in detail, using only natural decay and no loops. Four velocity layers means it's sounds really authentic and natural and, like any real piano, it;s great for all music genres. Like Session Strings, it's available as a ready to use .sf2 soundfont, or as a number of Zampler, Reason NN-XT or Bitwig Sampler patches all with edited effects, ambience and filtering to produce a number of alternative sounds. A number of instruments will load and play .sf2 soundfonts and Zampler is a free VST plug-in, so anyone can access and use the library.

Drum Soundware. 

For any owners of software or hardware instruments that can load .wav files we've got a couple of drum sample collections this month. 

You'll get E-Drum Mechanics Vol 6 with January's soundware pack. 300+ new drum samples/resamples. Contemporary electronic drum samples that don't fit in the 'classic' category. Plus great sounding 'beefed up', squashed, crushed, re-shaped, re-pitched, monster sounding resamples.

Our Drum Mechanics products are also supplied with a number of ready to use kits for Soundbridge's amazing RitMix free VST drum machine instrument so, again, users of any VST compatible music production platform can access them. Lots of hardware products can load drum samples via their SD card slots now so these are also great for Akai MPC, Korg Kronos/Kross 2, Roland Fantom/FA Series keyboards, and SP Series sample players along with many others.   

E-Drum Mechanics 6 Lite is a freeware sample collection for anyone to download. 64 samples, 16 re-samples and 2 kits. 

Every month we also re-create a drum machine from the past with a bunch of samples/resamples and kits.

This month, we'll actually do two! The Alesis HR16 and HR16B. All the samples plus a selection of 'beefed up', EQ'd, re-shaped, re-pitched, squashed and crushed resamples. For use with any drum/sample instrument, plus kits for Soundbridge's amazing free Ritmix drum machine instrument.


We create most of our drum machine soundware products and kits for Ritmix so why not download your free copy now from the link below. 

Synthesizer Patches. 

Every month we develop synthesizer patches for a range of software VST synths. We develop for a range of top notch freeware products so that everyone has access to them. This month we've got 64 great sounding patches for Full Bucket Music's FB7999 Korg DW software synth emulation. 

FB7999 was a revelation when we first heard it. It's accessible, easy to program, and has potential way beyond it's 'factory presets'. 

You can download your free copy of FB7999 from the Full Bucket website link below, and you'll get your free additional patches delivered to you with January's Production Club delivery on New Year's Day. 

Loops and Beats. 

We've got two major loop/beat packages this month. 

For Hip Hop/Rap producers we've got Essential Urban Beats Volume One. A collection of big rattling beats from Hip Hop's 'golden age'. Eight beat groups with eight beats within each, so you can build up your songs, add drop sections, etc.  

Hit songs lurk within, and they are all totally royalty free so you can use them wherever you like. 

Next month we've got the Essential Urban Drum Hits Volume One which features over 200 individual drum hits, some of which we used when putting together the beats collection. 

A sample/lite version of Essential Urban Beats Vol 1 with 16 samples will be available as freeware for anyone to download. 


For electronic music producers, we've also got ANIMAtronic Volume One. This is a collection of electronic synthesizer loop samples developed using Steinberg's amazing ANIMA synth. 

Very European in flavour, these loops have been sampled and processed in many different ways to produce a distinctive and heavy/industrial sound. The complete set is available here, not just a 'taster' so these loops can form the basis of complete songs/pieces. 

A sample/lite version of ANIMAtronic Volume One with 16 samples will be available as freeware for any one to downlaod. 


STM/Thomann SP404MKII Offer:

Finally, to celebrate the launch of Roland's SP404MKII sampler we've got a great offer. Purchase/order your SP404MKII from Thomann and we'll send you four great specially deveoped sample packs with over 1000 drum samples, loops and beats to spark your creativity. 

..... and you also get 6 months Production Club membership, so loads more drum samples, loops and beats. 

We'll have an update on this offer for you shortly. 

So there it is. Our first Production Club soundware edition. 

We're really excited to be embarking on this journey. We've got loads of great ideas for future soundware packages and products, so why not join us. 

Follow us at our Facebook Page for all Production Club updates as well as free sample libraries, synth patches, loops and beats as well as computer music product news and reviews. 

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