Sunday, November 28, 2021

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: 'Session Strings' Video Demo Vignettes.


New video posted on the Youtube channel for Production Club's 'Session Strings' sample library/Zampler patches. 

Single track, single patch demo 'vignettes'. No overdubbing or other instruments.

Evocative and expressive string section samples and sounds great for many genres including pop, soundtrack writing/recording and modern 'classical' pieces. 

One of the patch groups, Winter Ensemble' is available as a free download, and you can find more information and the download link for that via the following link. The section of the demo video that covers this group starts at around 2.42. 

Youtube Demo Video:

Available to Production Club members as part of January 2022's soundware 'package' delivered to all members on Jan 1st, or as a really low price one off purchase via our secure/automated download service.

More information on the main 'Session Strings' page.

More information on Production Club. 

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