Friday, November 12, 2021

FREE SOUNDWARE: Session Strings. Winter Ensemble. .SF2 Soundfont and Zampler Patches.


Part of Production Club's Session Strings sample/patch library which arrives in January's Production Club bundle, this free taster is available to download and check out now. 

A wintery yet thick string ensemble ideal for use in just about all genres of music including pop, rock, prog, as well as classical pieces. 

Production Club members will receive the full five sample libraries and forty patches available as .sf2 soundfont, Zampler patches, Reason Studios NN-XT sample player/instrument, and also as a Bitwig Sampler Instrument Container/presets. 

Zampler is a freeware VST sample player/synth so anyone can download and play the sounds. You can get your copy at the following link.

Here's the Session Strings demo, the different presets are listed as comments. The free Winter Ensemble section is the fourth preset starting at around 2.42. 


Session Strings Youtube Video Demo. 

Also available on Youtube along with some 'evocative' images. 

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You can purchase the entire Session Strings sample library via the link below at a great low price. The entire collection consists of five sample groups and forty Zampler patches.

Download Link.

You can download your free copy of Winter Ensemble using the following link. Just download the entire folder and use Zampler's 'load patch' function to navigate to and play the patches. 
Alternatively you can load the .SF2 Soundfont into any compatible player/instrument. 

Session Strings .SF2/Zampler Patches. Full Collection. 

You can purchase and download the full 'Session Strings' sample/patch collection using the button below. Fully secure/automated service via e-junkie/Paypal. 

Session Strings. 
.SF2 Soundfont/Zampler Patches. 



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  1. Hey. Thank you for the free soundware...
    But I can not load any of it in ZampleršŸ˜¢

  2. You mus download the entire folder with the samples, the .sfz file and the .fxb patch files. You should then be able to load the .fxb patches.