Sunday, October 10, 2021

VST Synth News: Martinic AX73 Virtual Analog Synthesizer.


One surprise that came down the pipe in the last week was a new Akai AX73 virtual analog synth recreation. 

Which is kind of fitting really, because I seem to remember the AX73 itself was a bit of a surprise when it was launched all those years ago, being, as it was. one of Akai first forays into the world of professional electronic musical instruments. 

Like most modern software re-imaginings, Martinic's AX73 offers some additional functionality and features including a comprehensive digital effects section with phaser, flanging, delay, reverb and distortion, a second VCO plus sub oscillator from the AX80, and expanded modulation possibilities with up 8 envelope generators and 8 LFOs. 

It also offers dual split or layer/stack modes and each layer has it's own independent 11 mode arpeggiator. 

Plenty of presets have been provided with over 600, programmed by Nori Ubukata, Summa, and someone known only as 'Synth Guru Wiffen', which I imagine is my old friend Paul Wiffen. 

The AX73 looks like a really worthwhile addition to the raft of analog synth recreations that are available. I'll take a closer look shortly and post a review in the coming days. In the meantime you can get more information and download a demo version of the synth over at Martinic's website. 

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Martinic AX73 is available from PluginFox



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