Tuesday, October 5, 2021

VST PRODUCT NEWS: Computer Music Magazine. U-he Zebra CM Gets a Makeover.


When I re-ignited my interest in music production, and specifically computer music a few years ago, I'm happy to say that Computer Music Magazine was a large source of information and resources. 

With every edition of the magazine, readers gain access to a comprehensive suite of free instrument and effects plug-ins. 

I still regularly use the Computer Music version of Synapse Audio's DUNE CM despite it being a few years old. In fact I use it much more than my copy of DUNE 3 which I purchased on a special offer last year. I really got to know DUNE via the CM version and I've programmed loads of sounds for it and really got to know it inside out. I consider myself a DUNE CM power user!

Since then, I've also added Dimitry Sches THORN CM to my 'roster' of regularly used plug-in synths. I use that one a lot as well. 

So for the princely sum of £6/7 you get a really powerful selection of synthesizer plug-ins. 

Computer Music U-he Zebra CM and Bazille CM. 

In addition to the Synapse Audio and Dimitry Sches products, U-he also supply two synthesizer products to the Computer Music 'roster', Zebra CM and Bazille CM. Both of these products have received an update and makeover which will be available in the coming issues of the magazine. 

Zebra CM's GUI has had a complete cosmetic makeover of it's GUI and now looks completely different. I think it's a big improvement on the original looks which I always thought a little strange and slightly off-putting if I'm honest. 

But there are a few other important differences. These include support for new Apple M1 ARM chips as well as Big Sur compatibility, VST3 support, and a 'sorted and polished' preset library browser. I'll let you know what that means when I get hold of a copy. 

You can find the full list of updates at the link below. 

In addition to the Zebra CM updates, there's also an updated version of Bazille CM. This is a semi-modular phase manipulation style synthesizer offering phase modulation and phase distortion synthesizer techniques. I must admit, I haven't got too far beyond the factory presets on this one, but it does sound impressive. 

Once again, we have Apple compatibility updates with support for Big Sur and ARM M1 chips, as well as VST3 support but no cosmetic GUI updates. Improved GUI performances and a number of bug fixes are mentioned. 

Once again, you can get the full list of updates via the U-he website via the link below. 

I suppose, in conclusion, I'd just like to say that this level of commitment to two magware products that were released several years ago, I find rather admirable. Making sure they're up to date and compatible with as many reader's machines and setups as possible. Excellent. Well done!

Once they're available via Computer Music, I'll provide updated information, particularly on the updated Zebra CM


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