Thursday, October 7, 2021

HARDWARE NEWS: UA Announce New Volt Series Audio Interfaces.


Universal Audio have launched a new range of affordable USB 2.0 Audio and Midi interfaces designed for anything from basic podcasting/speech applications through to pro music. 

All of them have vintage microphone tube emulation for a rich, warm sound, built in MIDI capability and a suite of entry level software versions to get you started including Ableton Live Lite, Melodyne, and Marshall and Ampeg amps sims for the guitarists and bass players. 

There are five models in the range. Three of them are desktop format interfaces with on board '76' analog compressor(s) which are based on UA's iconic 1176 compressor. These are available in single, 2, and 4 channel versions known as the 176, 276, and 476 respectively. 

The other two products in the range are mini-rack format types with front mounted controls. These are the Volt 1, and Volt 2 interfaces and are single and 2 channel models respectively. 

No prices as yet, but I'm sure these will fit the bill for many artists and songwriters looking for quality interfaces that don't break the bank. 

The entry level version of Ableton wouldn't be my choice for songwriters, but you could soon download your free copy of Soundbridge alongside my instrument and soundware pack for a much more songwriter-friendly entry level music production platform. In my view. 

More information on Soundbridge and my 'ultimate' entry level music production platform can be found via the link below. 

More information on Universal Audio's new Volt interfaces via UA's website below. 

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