Monday, October 4, 2021

BLOG UPDATE: Coming up. STM OCTOBER 2021. Free Soundware, DAW Review, New Products.


October 2021 at STM. 

So what are the plans for October I hear you ask.

Well, this month I'll be taking a closer look at Tracktion's Waveform music production platform. There is a freeware version available and I'll be taking a look at that. It's one of the few entry level/freeware packages I haven't reviewed so we'll take a look and see what it's about. It's probably the most cross-platform of music packages and will run on Mac/Windows and Linux which means theoretically you can run it as a piece of music software for Rasberry Pi computer.


As far as soundware goes, there'll be the 'Temple Sitar' soundware pack which will be available as an SF2 Soundfont, Zampler patches, Reason NN-XT, and also as a Bitwig Instrument. It's a new and exclusive soundfont developed from scratch and, so far, it's sounding great. Sitars are used across all musical genres from classical music through to rock, indie, and pop, so this one's going to be a good 'un!

I haven't really been able to find a piano soundfont that has really come up to scratch so I'm going to set about creating one. I've got some excellent piano samples, so I'll see what I can come up with. I'm calling it the 'Ultimate Piano' soundfont, but we'll see what transpires!

It's also going to be 'Synthpad Month' for my dedicated soundfont page, so there'll be four more great new synthpad type soundfonts. All developed and sampled 'from scratch' and expertly looped. With lots of accompanying patches for Zampler

On the synth patch front, there'll be the first set of free sounds for Cherry Audio's Mercury 4 Jupiter 4 emulation. It comes with loads of great patches, but I'm sure I can come up with some new and different kind of things. 


On the drums front, E-Drum Mechanics Volume Five is coming together with several hundred original electronic drum samples, which should now take the whole E-Drum Mechanics library up to well above a thousand samples. As usual, there'll be big/fat resamples, and 'ready to play' kits for Ritmix

As far as hardware synths are concerned, there'll be a new volume of 'Pads and Soundscapes' for Roland FA Series, and Korg Kross 2 'Urban Vol 1' will be completed with 64 synth patches, 64 drum hits, and 64 sampled drum loops based around 'urban' music styles such as rap and hip-hop. If you can still say that!

....and finally, there'll be a new Ghost Machine vintage drum machine sample/resample/kit collection. Only problem is, I'm not sure which machine it will be yet. I've recently done a classic Yamaha and Roland machine, so maybe it's time for something from an alternative manufacturer. I'll keep you posted, when I decide. 

Plus lots of new product and updates new as and when it happens, so stay tuned, follow me at my Facebook Page for all the updates as they happen, and as the soundware products become available. Hope to see you there.......

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