Thursday, September 23, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Korg Kross 2. Performance Keys. Updated File.


I've now updated the Korg Kross 2 Performance Keys soundware pack to a .pcg file. 

Loads of great sounding organs, electric pianos, clavinets, and pianos, all making full use of Kross 2's great sounding effects section especially the distortion, talking modulator, and phaser effects.  

The original collection were as individual files which some people had a problem using. I think maybe these types of fils can only be loaded into a Kross 2 via the editing software. Maybe. 

Anyway you can download all 64 sounds/patches as a .pcg file. Be careful when using it. This file re-writes all 512 user programs, so don't overwrite anything valuable accidentally. 

Korg Kross 2 Performance Keys Demo Video. 

Here's the little demo video I did for the soundware pack. 

Download Link. 

You can download your Performance Keys soundware pack from the following link. The single .pcg file contains all the patches. Download the entire file then transfer it to the 'Data' folder in your Korg Kross 2 formatted SD card. You'll need a computer with an SD card slot, or the Kross 2 editing software.  

Optional Donation. 

If you like my work, use the products, and/or would like to support future projects then please donate via my page via the image/link below. Suggested donation for this soundware pack: £3-5. Many Thanks. 


The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 

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