Friday, September 3, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Jazz Club Double Bass. Soundfont .sf2, .sfz, and Zampler Patches.


Completely originally developed double bass samples and patches. Developed in response to the lack of a quality upright bass soundfonts, this soundware project delivers a dynamic and convincing jazz bass experience. 

Available in two formats; .sf2 soundfont, and Zampler patch file format. The .sf2 soundfont file can be used with Bitwig Sampler, Reason NN-XT sample instrument, and Steinberg HALion

Dedicated Bitwig Sampler and NN-XT patch collections will be available by end of September. 

Sampled in detail with three velocity layers, it delivers a deep, warm, jazz upright bass recreation with a detailed and convincing attack. The first layer is a warm upright bass foundation, the second layer is louder with a more pronounced attack, and the third velocity layer delivers a powerful 'slap'. 

Jazz Club Double Bass Demo Video. 

I've recorded a demo video for this software pack at my Youtube channel. You can check it out below. My Youtube channel features lots of soundware demos and technical videos so consider subscribing for regular updates. 

Jazz Club Double Bass. Download Links. 

Jazz Club Double Bass Soundfont. Download Link. 

You can download the .sf2 soundfont file from the link below. This file can be used by a number of instruments including Reason's NN-XT sample instrument and BitWig Sampler among others. Just download the .sf2 file to your hard drive, then either drag the file into your chosen soundfont compatible instrument, or use the 'load patch/sound' function of your chosen soundfont player. The process varies slightly between instruments.

Jazz Club Double Bass for Zampler. Download Link. 

In addition to the standard soundfont (.sf2) file, there is a collection of 10 patches for Zampler. Zampler is a VST sample player/synth that can be freely downloaded from the following link. 

Use the link below for the Zampler patches. Download the entire folder which includes the raw samples, the .sfz soundfont file and the Zampler .fxb patch files (you need all of these). Simply use Zampler's 'Load Patch' function to navigate to the patches and load/play them as required. 

Optional Donation.

If you like my work, use the products, and/or would like to support future projects then please donate via my page via the image/link below. Suggested donation for this soundware pack: £1/2. Many Thanks. 


The information contained within this blog post is offered on an informal basis and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept no responsibility for outcomes arising from the mis/interpretation or use of this information and/or associated download files. Always download files via security/scanning software. 


  1. Hi!

    Do you have a Windows 32 bits version?

    1. Hello.

      The patches should work in the 32 bit version as well as the 64 bit. If you need a 32 bit version of Zampler (which I don't think you can get anymore) then this link might help. Please download via security software, at your own risk. No reason there should be a problem, but I have to say this.

      You may need to copy the link into your browser address bar. Download that file and then move it to your VST folder. There are no additional resources such as presets, so it should work.

      Kind Regards