Wednesday, September 29, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Jazz Club Double Bass for Bitwig Sampler


Jazz Club Double Bass for Bitwig Sampler.

The Jazz Club double bass for Bitwig Sampler is now available to download and play. It is presented as an 'expanded' Bitwig preset file with additional compressor, chorus, EQ, and filtering nested within Sampler. This has allowed me to produce a number of different 'presets' with altered filtering, and EQ to produce a range of varied sounds. 

There are four Bitwig presets within the soundware pack. 

The instrument is sampled in detail with three velocity layers, and a detailed 'twangy' double bass 'attack' at the top velocity layer. 

Great for all jazz, ambient and maybe even rockabilly composers and songwriters. 

Jazz Club Double Bass Demo Video. 

I've produced a short demo video for the soundware pack which is available to view at my Youtube channel. The video uses the Zampler version of the pack, but the Bitwig version uses the same collection of samples, so you'll get the idea!

Please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel. I produce lots of soundware for both hardware and software platforms every month and here you'll find all the demo videos as well as technical videos, and product demos. 

Jazz Club Bass for Bitwig Download Link. 

You'll find the download link for the patches below. You can download the entire folder with the raw samples if you like, but judging by the file sizes, I think Bitwig does 'wrap' the samples within the preset files, so you don't need the 'samples' folder if you don't wish to download it. 
Jut download the Bitwig presets and use Bitwigs 'browser' to navigate to them. 

Optional Donation. 

If you like my work, use the products, would like to support future projects, or buy me a drink,  then please donate via my page via the image/link below. Suggested donation for this soundware pack: £1-2. Many Thanks. 


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