Friday, September 24, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Jazz Club Double Bass for Reason NN-XT Sampler.


Double Bass Samples and Patches for Reason NNXT.

The Jazz Club Double Bass soundware pack for Reason NN-XT is now ready to download and play.

Sampled in detailed across three velocity layers with a detailed 'twangy' attack, this pack is a must for all jazz, ambient, and instrumental composers of all genres. 

In addition to the raw samples, Jazz Club Double Bass features eight upright bass sounds for Reason NN-XT. Offering alternative filter, envelope and modulation parameter settings to produce a range of ready to use patches. 

Jazz Club Double Bass for NN-XT Demo Video. 

I've produced a short demo video for the soundware pack which you can find at my Youtube channel. This was produced using the Zampler version of the soundware, but the NN-XT version was produced with the same raw samples and soundfont, and sounds virtually identical. There is no on-board effects suite for NN-XT so you'll need to add any required effects from Reason's suite of effects processors. 

Please do consider a subscription to my Youtube channel. I produce loads of soundware every month for both software and hardware platforms and this is where you'll find all the demo tracks.  

Jazz Club Double Bass for NN-XT Download Link. 

You'll find the patches for NN-XT at the following link. The folder contains both the raw samples as well as the eight patches for NN-XT and you'll need all of these files, so download the whole folder to your hard drive, then use NN-XT's 'browse' function to locate the patches. The folder for the raw samples is nested within the whole project folder so Reason should locate the samples immediately. 

Optional Donation. 

If you like my work, use the products, would like to support future projects, or buy me a drink,  then please donate via my page via the image/link below. Suggested donation for this soundware pack: £1-2. Many Thanks. 


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