Saturday, September 18, 2021

SOUNDWARE: Essential Songwriter Suite for Zampler. Patch Library Page.


Zampler Library Page. 

Regularly updated page dedicated to patches for Zampler is now ready to view. 

The Essential Songwriter Suite for Zampler is now complete and ready to download, either as a complete folder or as individual 'sets'. 

You'll find the permanent page using the link below. 

Combining Zampler with this set of patches delivers a 'foundation' of popular sounds ideal for songwriters, instrumental composers or for beginners needing a collection of sounds to use with a freeware or entry level music production platform such as Soundbridge, Akai's MPC Beats, or Bitwig 8/16 Track

The completion of this soundware project, however, does not mean the end of the development of sounds for Zampler. I'm continuing to develop soundware for this instrument, starting with a new range of 'premium' sound packs beginning in October, so look out for those, and possibly look at developing a second volume of Essential Songwriter patches.  

The best place to find update to these projects would be my Facebook Page. So perhaps consider following me there. 


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