Tuesday, September 28, 2021

SOUNDWARE: ANIMAtronic Workshop. Vol 1. Full Demo Video. Finally Here.


It's taken a long, long time, but ANIMAtronic Workshop Vol 1 for Steinberg's ANIMA wavetable synthesizer is finally complete with a full demo video. 

64 synthesizer patches and 64 'electronica' arpeggiator loops. 

ANIMA is great for synth arpeggios. The wavetable oscillators combine with the on-board arpeggiator make for a bunch of sounds with edge and bite. 

Steinberg ANIMAtronic Workshop Vol 1. Demo Video. 

..... and here, finally, is the demo video. If you use HALion/ANIMA and have a spare thirty five minutes and fifty four seconds, then why not check it out...... 

The main ANIMAtronic Workshop Vol 1 page can be found below alongside the download links and other related videos. 

So why not head over there and grab yourself a copy. 

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