Sunday, September 19, 2021

CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING. Bitwig Studio, 16 Track, and 8 Track DAWs.


Bitwig is becoming a very popular music production platform, particularly, I would suggest, with musicians and producers developing electronic music, or, at least, music that has a very strong and large 'electronic' element. 

Looking at some of the instruments, soundware, and features of Bitwig, it's difficult, in my opinion, to avoid this conclusion although, since Bitwig can utilise any third party VST plug-ins, it really is capable as a tool for any genre of music, I don't really feel it's a product for piano/bass/drums based singer songwriters. 

Four major synthesizer products are packaged with the program, including an FM synth, a virtual analog polysynth, a phase distortion synthesizer and a semi-modular multi-oscillator synth. It also includes a powerful multi-sample player/developer, and a drum machine instrument. 

From version 3 onwards, Bitwig also includes a major feature called the 'Poly Grid'. This offers an infinitely flexible means of combining and chaining all of the instruments, sound sources, and processors that Bitwig is supplied with. This allows the creation of modular synthesizers, or custom processing applications. 

Another great feature of Bitwig is it's Instrument Container feature. This quickly and easily, allows the creation of instrument and processing chains. So users can really create sample or synth based virtual instruments with a few mouse clicks. 

As far as it's recording and sequencing facilities are concerned, Bitwig offers a 'clip launcher' type arranging and playback feature which makes it great for 'live/stage' applications. Similar, dare I say, to Ableton. 

Throughout it's design, Bitwig employs modular thinking. In other words, when you think to yourself 'can I do this?' or 'can I combine one of these with one of them?' the answer with Bitwig is usually 'yes!'. 

Bitwig Systems Consultancy. 

I can now offer consultancy services on computer music systems designed around either Bitwig Studio or Bitwig 16 Track. Either laptop or desktop systems. Anything is possible. Choose from brand new or refurbished computers, with a fully installed version of Bitwig Studio or 16 Track, and a host of additional VST instruments and soundware that will give you loads of creative options from day one, along with full integration with your existing, or chosen audio interface/hardware. All necessary formal or informal training can be provided make sure you get the most out of your music production system. Options are many and varied. Give me a call or email to start a discussion. 

Bitwig Training. 

As of writing, I haven't yet developed a full, formal Bitwig training program for clients, but I can offer any kind of informal face to face assistance with any specific areas clients may require help with. Or just a general 'run through' of Bitwig's instruments, features and workings using their excellent Quick Start Guide and by creating a track. 

I'll update this post once a more formal training program is developed. 


Naturally, lots more information on Bitwig is available from their site at 

I also have several review posts covering Bitwig, the first of which is here:

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